Thursday, August 18, 2005

A Question For The Ages ...

This topic has come up before, and I just read a post on L.A. Dave's blog that brings it up again, and so I turned to Google, this generation's Great and Powerful Oz, and typed in "What is nougat?"

Wouldn't you know it: The Straight Dope is the first site that popped up.

So, L.A. Dave, this post is for you. And I quote:

"Dear Straight Dope:

Everyone loves the nougat in candy bars but what exactly is it? --SubJLH187

SDSTAFF Lar replies:

Speak for yourself, SubJ. I personally find the way it sticks to my fillings vile.

According to my trusty Joy of Cooking, previous edition, nougat is a combination of sugar, corn syrup, egg whites, butter and nuts. Joy claims that France and Italy are famous for their honey-flavored nougats, then cravenly declines to give a recipe for one claiming that more careful storage of honey-containing candy is needed due to atmospheric moisture. Whatever that's supposed to mean. It's not like a plate full of homemade candy is going to sit around for a week or two.

Of course, there's no guarantee that American candy manufacturers are going to limit themselves to such wholesome ingredients. But if you want to get into a discussion of petrochemicals, you're going to have to ask someone besides me.

Straight Dope Science Advisory Board"


Blogger OneMan said...

I once breifly convinced a woman I worked with that is was mined from the earth...

10:52 AM  

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