Wednesday, August 31, 2005

The Power of Kevin Trudeau ...

Very rarely, I receive a spam comment on one of my blog entries.

I do not understand technology enough to understand how this happens. Some of the spam seems innocent enough, though I don't click the links to see what it's really about. Some of the spam is very crude.

But yesterday's post about's reply to my Kevin Trudeau letter resulted in a torrent of spam to that post. (If you want to call 10 spam comments a torrent. I do.)

What gives?

Is is the presence of Kevin's name?

This will be another test.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What I'm curious about is how this site justifies being findable by search engines. Google would do even better if they could filter the top boring sites that make people stupider after they visit. Man trouble??? Yeah, I don't have to read that one I already know two reasons. Life envy??? Obviously!! Female Freedom??? Obviously free to eat and spew ignorance. Maybe not so normal after all??? Ha!!


11:32 AM  

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