Monday, August 08, 2005

Peter Jennings ...

L.A. Dave told me Sunday that rumors were starting to swirl: Peter Jennings' death was imminent.

I'm glad he told me, otherwise this morning's news would have come as more of a shock.

Peter Jennings was my favorite network newsman.

On September 11 and the days that followed, I rarely left my television, and was so impressed by Peter's near-constant presence behind the desk, and his poise through it all.

That week, I wrote to compliment him, my first-ever letter to anyone at a network.

During last year's presidential election, I stayed up late, watching the returns. My friend Brian on the phone and Peter on the screen. Brian eventually hung up to go to bed. Peter and I stuck it out.

Once he disclosed his cancer, I never thought he'd return to his desk. But I still watch the evening news on ABC, and I've been proud of the news division for continuing to include his name in the title of the broadcast.

The New York Times obituary ends with an anecdote of Peter in the office during his leave, his shoulders draped with a gray sweater, marking up a broadcast script, a newsman and editor to the end.


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