Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Good, Affordable Food ...

Why is it, in this country that is constantly screaming about the obesity epidemic, that I can go to McDonald's and buy 1,000 calories worth of heart-stopping slop for $2, but if I want no-cheese/no-mayo/no-oil Subway for lunch, it'll set me back nearly $7?

This topic has come up more than once recently with pals. We need to start a revolution demanding affordable, healthful food for everyone. And I'm not talking about genetically modified frankenfood that may or may not kill us years from now.

How is it that this country can have an obesity epidemic *and* have millions of people who go to bed hungry every day? Something is seriously out of whack.

Last time I checked, there were still a few fields around my house that haven't been converted into cookie-cutter subdivisions. Yet Willie Nelson and the boys continue to hold Farm Aid concerts to help the farmers who haven't yet had to shut down. But we're quickly running out of farmland in many communities, because it's more viable for farmers to sell off their land to developers.

Suddenly, I feel the need to really understand the agriculture system in this country.


Blogger BigSchu said...

Good commentary. This is exactly why I produced a HELP FARMERS GROW rubber bracelet (at to support local family farmers. I think we have to put our money and our efforts into helping solve the problems that you are talking about.

1:31 PM  

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