Monday, August 01, 2005

Getting Some Perspective ...

Today has been frustrating. On the phone (damn those voicemail trees), to the bank, to my mom's to use her fax machine, all to try to correct an issue with my mortgage company that's not of my making.

"Tsuami," Doreen reminds me, one of our trigger words to bring the other person back down, a soft little three-syllable slap across the face. One word that's become our shorthand for, "You want to talk about problems? How about your entire existence as you know it being wiped out in seconds? Your home, your family, everything you know, gone."

She's right, of course. And I reminded myself of that as I was in my car, driving to the bank, to pick up a copy of a canceled check that I needed to rectify this mortgage error, a mortgage on my home, my air-conditioned home, in which I had just eaten lunch that I couldn't finish because it was too much food. I have a car. I have money. I have a home. I have the "problem" of too much food? And I'm typing this on my computer, in my office, with a high-speed Internet connection.

Most of us are so insanely blessed, it's no wonder, given all that we have, that life's little annoyances become so magnified. Because we really, in the grand scheme of things, have nothing to complain about. Almost without exception, everything is so good that we've become blind to the blessings, and when something small creeps into our days, we short-circuit over it.

So the next time someone cuts you off in traffic, take two seconds to realize that you couldn't be cut off in traffic if you didn't own a car, into which you can afford to pump gasoline, which probably has air conditioning and a stereo, with a $4 cup of Starbucks and a cell phone sitting in the armrest.



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