Sunday, August 07, 2005

'Easy To Read Stories' ...

Mom and I made an unplanned stop at a not-so-local antique store yesterday on our way home from the not-so-local outlet mall.

The problem with antique stores is that merchandise usually sticks around for a long time. Finding something new to buy is rare. But we wandered about, and in the far back corner, in a booth that never has anything worth noting, was a small book. "Easy To Read Stories." Hmmph. No hyphens. It should be "Easy-To-Read Stories." But the book was cute and small, so I picked it up and opened the cover.

It once belonged to Sylvia White. Her (incomplete) phone number was 2-9588.

The first story:

"The Unhappy Bunnies"

"Benny and Betsy Bunny are pets. They have a warm home and are comfortable. But they are discontented. They want to be free. So they run away.

Benny and Betsy find that life in the big world is hard. They are cold and hungry. They can't find a safe place to sleep.

The little bunnies scamper home. They have discovered that being pets is a good life, after all."

Easy-to-read stories? With words like "discontented"?

"The Conceited Donkey"

"One day, Dubby Donkey meets a squirrel. 'I'm smarter than you are,' boasts Dubby.

'Can you climb a tree?' asks the squirrel. Dubby is silent. He has learned that he really isn't so wonderful."

"The Polite Pigs"

"The baby pigs are hungry and they rush to get at the food.

'Don't be so impolite,' scolds mother. 'Even a pig can have good manners.' She makes them eat slowly and slaps them if they push each other.

Everyone is surprised to see how polite the baby pigs are. Their mother has taught them the right way to act."

Ah, slapping, the teacher of etiquette.

And finally today:

"Toasting Marshmallows"

"The children at the picnic sharpen long sticks to toast marshmallows.

Bob sticks his marshmallow right into the fire. The outside burns, but the inside is sweet.

Betsy takes longer with hers."

Do you think we're still talking about marshmallows?

More installments to come. Stay tuned.


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