Monday, August 08, 2005

Easy To Read Stories Du Jour ...

"Rollo Won't Eat"

" 'Now eat your supper like a good boy,' says Auntie.

But Rollo doesn't want to eat. He pushes the food away.

'We'll have no more of that,' says mother, firmly. She feeds Rollo and he eats now."

Yes, mother, cram that food down little Rollo's throat. See him grow up to have an eating disorder. Eat, Rollo, eat.

"The Brave Hunters"

"Harold, the hound dog, and Casper, the cat, are going hunting. They are brave and blood-thirsty. They boast of all the squirrels and birds they will catch.

Suddenly, they see something!

The brave hunters turn and run. A skunk has scared them!"

Blood-thirsty?! Who wrote this thing? Quentin Tarantino's father?!


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