Thursday, August 04, 2005

Bad News Wedding Crasher Bears ...

Two movies, two days. Once again, not slacking. Research.

"Bad News Bears": I don't have a very detailed memory of the original. Walter Matthau, Tatum O'Neal, kids doing things kids shouldn't do. Often, I want to see a remake just to see what the hell the studio execs are thinking, greenlighting remakes instead of bothering to develop something original. This time, I wanted to see Billy Bob Thornton. I think he's a terrific actor in his dramatic roles, but he was so brilliant in "Bad Santa" (if you haven't seen it, rent it, but be sure to score "Badder Santa," the unrated version) that once I saw the trailers for this flick, I was committed.

I went to see this before meeting Dave for coffee earlier this week. This is exactly the kind of movie that would have had Dave squirming in his seat. It's so crude in so many places, the profanity flies fast and furious, and there are two Helen Keller jokes. It's so un-PC I almost felt bad about laughing. But I sat in the back row, and I left before the credits rolled, so I chuckled in darkened-theater anonymity.

(Note to city-dwelling, movie-going friends: If you haven't been to the 600 N. Michigan theaters lately, they've been rehabbed. The chairs could be a bit more recline-y, but the armrests flip up now. Good to know if you're on a date.)

"Wedding Crashers": My cousin Patty is in love with Vince Vaughn, so she saw this movie almost the moment it hit the theaters, and has prodded me to see it so we could "debrief," which, come to think of it, is kinda funny, given the subject of the movie. Last year, I promised her I'd go see "Napoleon Dynamite," but didn't, and she's still watching those scars heal. (Though she bought it for me for Christmas, so we got to watch it together, which was better than seeing it separately and talking about it later.)

So I went to see "WC" yesterday. It was fine. I laughed out loud a few times, which is more than I can say for a lot of movies I see that are supposed to be funny. To Vaughn and Owen Wilson's credit, they refrained from the now-ubiquitous movie gags of walking into walls and falling backward or tripping up stairs and falling foward. Someone, please, tell Hollywood it's just not funny. It's not even funny on "America's Funniest Home Videos."

But as with all movies of that ilk, you know how it's going to end before it even begins. And I don't want to see Christopher Walken as a high-ranking politician. I'd rather see him on SNL as "The Continental."


Blogger Marc said...

Obviously the killer hit for summer 2006 will be Penguin Wedding Crashers. After all, they're already properly dressed.

5:19 PM  

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