Saturday, July 23, 2005

Why I Might Never Be Famous ...

Every morning, I read the New York Times online.

I usually read the Times' e-mail push in my mailbox, scanning for interesting links, but this morning, I went right to the site. Read about John Roberts' wife's pro bono work for an anti-abortion group. Read about the shooting of the terror suspect in London yesterday on a subway train. Enough with the serious news. It's 8 a.m. Scrolled down and saw a blurb from the Style section about dating. Click.

It's a story about Stephanie Klein, a blogger in New York who writes about her dating exploits, among other things, who's just inked deals for a book and a television show. The power of the Internet. It's a star-maker.

I went to her site, wondering what kind of crazy spike in traffic she'll see today. My friend Jeff's photo blog was mentioned in the Times a couple years ago and activitiy on his site went through the roof for a day or two.

So I read. One of her posts nearly took my breath away. It said, so perfectly, what I've been feeling about a situation in my life, I was stunned that someone out there could articulate the feelings so well. Then again, I've never tried to write about that situation that way. I like to think I could do as well.

"So good for Stephanie Klein," I thought. Jealousy does not become any of us, as Steph sagely points out in her blog. Envy is OK, jealousy is not. So I envy her book and TV deals.

Before I left her site, I clicked on the "More Pictures of Me" link.


She includes pictures of some of the articles that have been written about her, but mostly, it's shot after shot of herself, her and friends, her on a boat, her on a park bench being kissed by her dog.

How many pictures?


Neatly arranged, six shots across, 12 shots down.

I don't have any photos posted with this blog, because the photo-posting software is for PCs and I'm a Mac girl. But if I could put my mug on here, I like to think I'd post one picture. My headshot, sure. If you're going to post one picture, you make it the best picture you've ever had taken. But still, I'd stop at one. Maybe 2. Definitely fewer than 10. Certainly not 72.


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