Friday, July 22, 2005

Some Of My New Favorite Blogs ...

... are about particular professions by the people who, uh, profess them.

Opinionista chronicles the daily absurdity of working in a law firm.

Waiter writes about exploits at his eatery.

Both of their blogs have made me realize that a blog in which I write about writing wouldn't make much sense. For one thing, I don't work with anyone. I have editors and clients, but day after day after what-day-is-it? day, it's just me, in my office, clacking away on the keyboard. No witty anecdotes here about someone popping by my office. I keep my doors locked, after all. Anyone popping by my office would probably be here to cart off my TV and stereo, and any conversation would be with a 911 operator, not my office visitor.

When I tell people I'm a writer, their expressions always change. "Really?" they ask. "What do you write?" It *sounds* interesting, being a writer. But the day-to-day reality of it is pretty damn boring, nothing to write about.

So I'll stop.

(This post, I mean. I'll stop writing this post. But I won't stop blogging. I find it far too self-indulgent and calorie-free to stop!)


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