Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Reliving David Cassidy ...

Doreen and I saw Mr. Cassidy a couple years back. This is what I sent to friends after the show. (Since Doreen suggested, based on my Rick Springfield ire, that now would be a good time to slam DC again.)

I have never been to a concert during which the performer was so openly, brazenly a jerk. Or "a pissy queen," as Doreen referred to him, after THE FIRST SONG.

When he wasn't barking at his sound guys about the audio (um, it's called a sound check, or it's called working out some hand signals so you can be subtle), he was literally standing on the stage, arms folded, scolding the audience for not being quiet. "I don't get it," he whined. "People come to a show and then they're like, 'So, I'm gonna get my nails done tomorrow at 5 ...' " And it wasn't shtick. He told us to shut up, basically, more than once.

So when he had the AUDACITY to sing three Beatles songs -- acoustically! -- and talk about how he had to "reteach" them to John Lennon one night because John was drunk (as was he, he admitted, but not as drunk as John, cuz he could remember how to play the songs, he pointed out) and the amp input (or is it a mic input?) on his guitar went out during "Blackbird," I laughed to myself, thinking, "It's John Lennon saying, 'What the FUCK are you doing to my song?!' "

Doreen was standing near the stage. I hung back near the boards in the middle of the room.

She walked up to me after about an hour and said, "We can go whenever you want, because he's an asshole," I said, "Let's go," because I had just been thinking, "I can't take too much more of this."

It was pathetic. Face it, David, people were there to hear you sing, "I Think I Love You" and "C'mon, Get Happy." You and Danny Bonaduce are co-executive producing a new Partridge Family show? That's because "The Partridge Family" is your stock and trade. Like it or not, that was the best you had to give. So just give it, and be glad that the House of Blues was able to sell enough tickets to fill half the room.

So hold onto your memory of loving David Cassidy when you were 12, because you'd hate David Cassidy at 43.


Anonymous Doreen said...

It seems like it was a couple of years ago .... we are not even to the ONE year anniversary of that "fallen idol" show!!!!!!!!!

11:04 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, check this out. David is spreading more of his good cheer lately:

2:36 PM  

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