Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Oh No, Oh No, Oh No No No...

On Henry's suggestion, I went to iTunes to listen to Rick Springfield's cover of "Human," the ginormous Human League hit from the '80s.

Honestly, before I rip into this guy too bad, has he had throat surgery or something? What happened to his voice? "Jessie's Girl" was fluff, but it was fun fluff.

I recently mentioned to Music Dave that Tom Waits sounds like Springsteen if Springsteen drank heavily and smoked four packs a day, but turns out that Tom Waits sounds like Rick Springfield. Or the other way around. I think Tom is older.

Some things I can let slide, but not when Rick and his Quick!-Get-Me-A-Sucrets! voice bastardize "Eleanor Rigby." No, I've gotta draw the line. Kill the bad guitar, Rick. Please. I beg of you. Beatles' tunes are sacred.

Do an iTunes search for Rick Springfield and arrange the tracks alphabetically and you know what comes up after "Eleanor Rigby"? "Every Night I Wake Up Screaming."

Maybe that's why he's so hoarse.

Oh, but wait. It gets worse. The album that "I'm Not In Love" and "Human" come from is "The Day After Yesterday." (That'd be today. Get it?)

This is the song list.

The Day After Yesterday:

I'm Not In Love
Under the Milky Way
Life In a Northern Town
Broken Wings
Holding On to Yesterday
Baker Street
Waiting for a Girl Like You
Lets Go Out Tonight
For No One
Miss You Nights
Blue Rose

Look at the last track. LOOK AT THE LAST TRACK.

The ONLY thing more sacred than a Beatles' tune is "Imagine."

If you'll excuse me, I have some garments to rend.


Anonymous Dorenn said...

This would be a good time to write about DC and his a cappella rendition of John Lennon/Beatles songs!!

10:02 AM  

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