Thursday, July 07, 2005

Judith Miller ...

So now she's in jail.

Some say she shouldn't be protecting her source, especially if her source is that slimy Karl Rove. And if her source is that slimy Karl Rove, you can bet he's smiling smugly that a member of the oh-so-despised press is sitting in prison to protect his sorry ass. He's a master of manipulation, after all, isn't he?

And some say that she shouldn't be so revered in the news world because, after all, she was part of the problem with the New York Times spoonfeeding the public the administration's palaver (note to W: that's a 50-cent word that means, in part, misleading talk; you might understand "misleading talk" better as "lie") about enriched uranium and Iraq's weapons of mass destruction.

Well, I hate to be simplistic and all, but none of that matters. The only thing that matters is that she promised a source confidentiality (no matter how repugnant we may consider that source to be), and she's keeping her promise. Period. It doesn't matter what other stories she's written. It doesn't matter if the source is reviled. All that matters is that she made a promise and she's sticking to it. Even if it means going to jail.

For those who didn't understand my Mitch Albom ire when he faked the column about the basketball players, what's happening in this case is a thousand times worse. As one journalist put it, if you take away our ability to promise confidentiality to sources, "we'll all be writing press releases."

And speaking of Albom, in light of what's happening to the media in the Miller case, the Detroit Free Press just might have to change its name.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Joe Wilson is the "deep throat" in this case. You'll see.

10:23 PM  

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