Thursday, July 28, 2005

I Still Think Richard Roeper Is A Jerk ...

(I posted this entry Thursday morning. If you're looking for the post I wrote to you about last night, scroll down and read "Richard Roeper Is A Jerk ..." first, please.)

If you click on the title of this post, you'll be linked to Roeper's follow-on column about the Dove ad he finds so offensive, and all the angry e-mail he received from readers -- women readers, of course -- about his craptacular column item a week before. (Thanks to Jeff for pointing me to it.)

He defends himself mightily. Good for him. I still think he's a jerk.

I'm all for the First Amendment. God knows it's becoming an endangered species in this country. And so I'm behind Rich 100 percent when it comes to his right to write whatever he wants.

But the thing I don't understand about this is that the item that's raised so much ire in women was part of a column. Not a whole column. Part of a column. Which makes me wonder: Didn't he have a good idea for a column that day? Couldn't he fill the whole space? Was it piecemeal on purpose? Was he just dying to get in his dig about the offensive billboard outside his high-rise window?

He lives in Chicago. On any given day, there must be, oh, about a million things to write about. City Hall alone is always good for a few hundred column inches. So would it have killed him to just pick one of the other 999,999 goings-on? Did he have to gripe about Dove's billboard?

We get it, Rich: You dated a Bacardi girl you once saw on a billboard. How lovely for you. So get the panels from that billboard and have someone paste them to the inside of your window. Then you can look at her lovliness forever.

Oh, right: But she's an ex.



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