Thursday, July 28, 2005

Hair Today ...

Today I made a long-overdue visit to the salon.

J-D, my stylist for the past -- yikes! -- 13 years (with a few small interruptions) is a genius. Really. I call him a hair architect. He's brilliant.

We chatted for a moment about what I wanted done -- fix the color (i.e. get rid of the gray), trim up the ends, keep the overall length -- and he went off to mix his bowls of glop.

Soon my head was a mass of foils with assorted strands hanging out, onto which he applied a new shade of glop, until my hair looked like nothing but foils and dreds.

"Did you see 'Battlefield Earth'?" I asked him.

"Oh, you do not look like John Travolta!"

But, I kinda did.

He had me sit by the dryers while the glop worked its magic and I started flipping through Vogue.

I saw the most amazing ad with a woman with the most amazing hair. I tore out a reply card to use as a bookmark.

When J-D came to get me, I opened up to the page.

"I like *this*!"

So did he. He creased the magazine open so it would lie flat.

After all the shampooing and toning and cutting, he went to town on the style.

And damn if my hair didn't look a fair amount like the picture when he was done.

Walking back to my car, I called Dave. Voicemail. Told him I had just seen J-D and that this was his best work yet. (Dave always notices when I've done something to my hair, even if I don't say a word. He's rare that way.) But he wasn't at work.

I hopped in my car and headed north on Lake Shore Drive to meet Jay for coffee.

Dave called just before Irving Park Road. Said he was sorry to miss the hair.

"It's for the best," I said, "because you would *fall over.*" (Dave has back trouble. Falling over is not a good idea.)

"Rock-star hair," he said.

"I'm trying," I said.

"Oh, you have it."

But it's not really rock-star hair. It's more like girlfriend-of-a-rock-star hair.

Now all I need is the rock star.


Blogger Dave said...

And all we need are some photos! Please, please, please! :)

8:46 PM  
Blogger Beth said...

Maybe if my browser didn't crash everytime I tried to upload a photo! And maybe if I *had* photos!

8:50 PM  
Blogger Marc said...

"If you *had* photos"?????
You can't go and post what you did and *not* have photos! Sheesh! Didn't we teach you anything about the internets and all?

2:49 PM  

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