Thursday, July 07, 2005

American News ...

What is it with news outlets in this country?

As I watched coverage this morning from London in the wake of the Tube and double-decker bus blasts, those reporting from central London expressed over and over how well Londoners were taking the attacks in stride. Not complacent, certainly, but with a sense of calm and civility.

I wasn't a bit surprised. It's just like Londoners to queue up for taxis to get to work because they've been driven out of the subway tunnels by coordinated bombings.

So why did I see so many headlines from American news orgs speaking of the "chaos" in London? I didn't witness chaos in London on my television this morning. Even the oft-repeated cell-phone video looked strikingly calm.

The British tabloid press is known for sensationalism. The headlines that leap out from newsstands are stark in contrast to the city, so steeped in history and propriety.

But today, newswriters and -readers America seemed to step right into that role, seemingly intent on making a bad situation even worse.


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