Wednesday, June 29, 2005

'War of the Worlds' ...

This movie is going to make a zillion dollars.

I'll predict that between today (Wednesday, its opening day) and the end of the day Monday (long holiday weekend, you know), it'll rake in $100 million.

It is spectacular to look at. It's references to 9/11 are unabashed and were difficult for me to watch.

But I hate the ending. And from a filmmaking perspective, well, from a screenwriting perspective, I had several issues. Though reviewers who continually invoke how this movie makes "Independence Day" look like crap should have been stopped in their tracks by their editors. "Independence Day" is, what, 10 years old?! No. You can't compare these two movies stylistically. It's not fair.

But comparisons don't matter anyway. It's going to make a zillion dollars.


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