Monday, June 06, 2005

'The Sea Inside' and Hollywood's Lament ...

Javier Bardem just knocked me on my ass.

His performance in this Oscar-winning film is one of the best I've seen in years. As with Ralph Fiennes in "The English Patient," he is brilliant at acting with only his eyes.

Hollywood laments, despite making billions every year, that moviegoers are staying away from the theaters now more than ever.

Please, please, please will the studio execs take a cue from foreign filmmakers? Spain gives us "The Sea Inside" and what do we give the world? "Soul Plane."

To be sure, there are good movies in America, and not every trip to the multiplex need deal with life-and-death issues. Fun is fun. But Hollywood seems to have forgotten that not all of the movie-going public is 15. Or in 3rd grade. Or a frat boy.

Bless Ron Howard. "Cinderella Man" only made $18.3 million this weekend, but if Clint's boxing flick, "Million Dollar Baby," can pass the $100 million mark, Opie's can, too. "A Beautiful Mind" cost $60M to make, made $2.5 mil its opening weekend, and went on to gross more than $170M.

"Soul Plane"? Budget: $16M. Opening weekend: $7M. Gross: $13M. Yo.


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