Monday, June 27, 2005

Not Mixed Up? ...

I had coffee today with Drew, a long-lost pal from my Thomson days. Drew was the friendly face (and body) who sat across from me in my early days at the company and made me feel as though I wasn't completely insane for taking over a NASCAR publication. He is very funny and very kind.

We got to talking about pseudonyms and anagrams -- we literary types are nothing is not crazy-fun! -- and tonight, I surfed on over to to plug in a few names, including his and mine.

For me, I tried Beth Kujawski, and my given name, BethEllen Kujawski, and you know what I got?


I am unanagramable.

But "unanagramable" is my new favorite word.

Well, not so fast, really: I searched first for two-word anagrams and got bupkus.

Once I upped the ante to three, for "Beth Kujawski," I got:

Khaki Bust Jew
and Baked Whisk Jut

For "BethEllen Kujawski," I got:

Bakelite Welsh Junk
Wheelbase Kilt Junk
Likeable Jews Thunk
Beatnik Jewel Hulks
Blake Whiles Junket (What's Robert Blake up to these days, anyway?)
Blanket Jewish Luke
Khaki Sunbelt Jewel
Wealths Belike Junk
and my co-favorites: Ablest Whelk Junkie and Stable Whelk Junkie.

Just looked up "Whelk" -- it means "pustule."

And "Unanagramable" comprises:

Alabama Gunner
Banana Arm Glue
Area Lab Gunman
Anagram Unable (Clever!)
and -- yikes! -- Anal Urban Game and Anal Urbane Mag!


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