Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Giving the Gifts of Sites Again ...

Because I seem to have some new people reading, and because I don't imagine they've gone all the way back to the beginning to read everything I've written on here, I'm posting this again:

This can be your good deed for the day: Find the Links section of my blog (it's over there, to the right, underneath my profile) and go to The Breast Cancer Site. You'll notice that it's actually a group of "click to give" sites, all bundled together for your conveniece. So while you're there, you can also fight hunger, help children receive healthcare, save the rainforests, aid animals in shelters, and give books to kids.

It only takes a few seconds to click through all of them. You can do this in the time it takes for your Starbucks to cool down enough to drink it. (For those of you without a high-speed connection, you needn't wait for all the graphics to load on each page. The words will show you where to click, and the fields will be hot even if the pictures aren't loaded.)

I have this link in the Bookmarks Bar of my browser, so every morning, clicking is an automatic part of the start of my Internet day as I check news, read Doonsbury, read blogs ... Bookmark it, and visit and click every day, OK? Thanks.


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