Friday, June 03, 2005

eHarmony Discord, Continued ...

I am on hold with eHarmony.

When you quit the service, you are given a 1-800 number to call for your "confirmation" number.

But of course it's not about calling for your confirmation number that you've quit within 7 days and will be receiving a credit for the $49.95 you charged to your credit card to sign up in the first place. No, it's a chance for them to get you to change your mind.

So Chris wanted to know why it was I was quitting after being a member for only six days. Because Chris, I'm sure, isn't just a customer service rep ... Chris really cares about my future happiness, right?

I told him that the price was a big factor, that $49.95 was pretty steep, given that I only really had a week to try out the service, and that it was taking some people days to respond. And that you couldn't sign up for another plan, thus lessening the financial commitment, but still get out of it. I told him that I was suspicious that I'd gotten so many matches in just six days from a service that touts how exclusive it is. I didn't tell him that eHarmony's screening process is crap, since I was matched with a guy who listed "guns" as one of the Five Things he can't live without.

Ah, but here's the juiciness: Since one of my gripes was that 7 days wasn't long enough to actually accomplish anything (even though he jumped right in to tell me that I can bypass the "stages" of communication and start writing to people right away), Chris was willing to extend my membership an additional two months for the same fee, so instead of $49.95 a month with monthly renewals of $39.95, which is what I signed up for, I could have three whole months for $49.95. Three months for the price of one. (If you sign up for three months right off the bat, you're gonna spend $99.95, and it's non-refundable.)

I told him that I still wanted to cancel. That's when he put me on hold, and said he'd have my confirmation number when he came back. It took several minutes. (I've finally gotten my confirmation number and hung up.)

All totaled, it took nearly 20 minutes for me to end my relationship with eHarmony. But if you want to pursue one, use what I've learned: Sign up for the $49.95 plan, cancel within 7 days, and then take them up on their offer to extend your membership to three months for $49.95, and save yourself the 50 bucks.

And if you find the love of your life, invite me to the wedding.


Blogger VI said...

E harmony... whatever.

Before I was married... my (now) husband and I both signed up for e harmony - not knowing each other. They did not match us.
In fact, they only found (1) person to match me with and they lived far across the country.

My husband and I met on

I am not going to say such things work for everyone. I know a majority of people match and/or eharmony don't work for...

but ya, I think eharmony specifically - is crap.

11:31 AM  
Blogger eHarmony Blog said...

Hi Beth! I saw your blog via Google. How many days did eHarmony take to refund your money?

Thanks, eHarmony Blog

9:50 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

yeah how long did it take to get your refund?

7:54 AM  
Blogger Beth said...

OK, kids, I just put on my safety gear and dove into the drawer of my filing cabinet that holds past statements (I haven't filed in a while): My eHarmony refund was on my June billing statement, the one that was due in July. So the refund was prompt.

8:12 AM  
Anonymous eHarmony Secrets said...

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4:01 PM  
Anonymous Replica Watches said...

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