Monday, May 30, 2005

My Very Own Face Analysis ...

Inspired by Ellen McCullough's blog entry about her pug's face analysis (at, I submitted my own photo this morning for some analyzation.

Happily, I was correctly identified as female.

Interestingly, I scored much lower on intelligence (so much for that Mensa membership) than I did on promiscuity (clearly, my evil twin is intercepting all the men I'm supposed to be sleeping with, because they're sure not beating down my door).

So, to sum up, I score:

High on Risk, Ambition, Sociability, and Promiscuity.
Average on Intelligence and Honor.
I make between $50,000 - $100,000!
And I have a Very Low Gay Factor.

I am a Beta Boss (which has a cigar icon next to it, so I guess I better start lighting up) and one of the occupation examples for a Beta Boss is Gangster. Now there's a gig that never turned up on all those personality and career profiles I've taken over the years.

My view of the Artist Type? "Artist types do not concern you for you look down on them, you believe they waste too much time." Which would be fine, if I didn't consider myself an artist. Oh, the heretofore-unknown self-loathing!

"Drifter Types tend to feel that you types are a bad tempered bully." But really, do Drifter Types like anyone?! And note the flawless grammar!

My Personality Profile is thus:

"You are a power driven risk-taker. Your desire to obtain power quickly propels you to take large risks, both financially and socially. You are so effective and confident when it comes to making short term decisions at crucial moments that it almost becomes contagious. Your high confidence level leads you to focus on the rewards of your decisions, rather than over-calculating. Your directness may make others think you are rude. You know what you want and you want it now.

Some people consider you a political mastermind as you are able to take advantage of peoples strengths and weaknesses so effectively, that it enables you to undertake and achieve monumental tasks. Others tend to characterize you as confrontational, but you take this as a compliment, and in turn you characterize these people as push-overs. You would rather stand up for yourself and those you care about and face confrontation, than avoid confrontation and give in. You act promptly when it comes to making big decisions and thus others look to you to carry the burden of responsibility."

Apparently, I'm Donald Trump.


Blogger OneMan said...

Depending on if I used the before (50% Asian) or After (0%) picture from St. Baldricks I am either a theta academic or white collar something or other.


2:00 PM  

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