Saturday, May 07, 2005

My stage and screen debut ...

Today, in class, we picked up the DVDs of the show at Davenport's.

I don't know about most of you, but if I'm going to hear myself sing on a recording, even if I'm alone, I still cringe in anticipation. I know it makes no sense. No one's around to hear me but me, but then again, I'm my own worst critic. So maybe it makes sense after all.

So a few minutes ago, I popped in the DVD. Dan, who edited the whole thing together, did a spiffy job, and everything's divided neatly into chapters, so I was able to skip from singer to singer (no, I didn't skip right to myself first, thank you very much). I got around to me and Brigetta and thought, "Well, I shouldn't have worn that sweater on camera."

The good thing about this DVD memento is that now I can appreciate what happened on stage that night. As I wrote earlier, it all went by so fast (and I was nervous, so time seemed even faster than normal) that I didn't really have a chance to soak it all in.

So I watched.

And yep, I don't sound so great -- just like I remember -- at the outset. Nerves. Damn nerves. But as the song goes on, I get stronger. And I remember forcing myself to smile (just a bit) while I was singing, and that was a good thing. It makes me look like I'm not so nervous.

Being that I was in a duet, I'm part of a bit wider shot than I would have been in had I been standing alone. I think I'm glad. The medium shot for the soloists seem a bit too tight for my taste. I don't know that the world needs to see my face that big on screen.

Which means, for now, I am not ready for my close-up.

But I'm glad to have video proof that I did this brave thing.

And now I have something that can be used to embarrass me someday when I'm really, really, impossibly famous (!) -- just as long as I'm not on Leno. I vow to never do Leno.


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