Tuesday, May 03, 2005

"A Love Song for Bobby Long" ...

Saw the movie last week. Liked the movie well enough. Good performances all around. But I was really taken with the music.

Blues and folk-y stuff. Not my usual musical diet. But I made a mental note to check iTunes to see if I could buy the album online. Tonight was the night. And there it was, although it didn't feature the artists for each song, listing instead "Various Artists - Original Motion Picture Sountrack." I wanted to know who the artists were, though. (John Travolta sings a couple brief tunes in the film.) So I went to Amazon.com and looked up the album, went back to iTunes to import the album, and then with both screens open (my 17-inch monitor does come in handy ...) I keyed in the artists from the Amazon list into my iTunes list. Printed out the liner and presto!

It's on my stereo now. Loud.

I highly recommend it. Even if you don't think you like blues.


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