Wednesday, May 25, 2005

'It's Like Taking the SATs' ...

That's what my friend Marlea said about answering the personality profile for

She wasn't kidding.

I took the time last night (and it took a lot of time last night) to fill it out. It's an interesting exercise in self-reflection, to consider your personality traits in detail.

A few of my friends have tried eHarmony and have had mixed things to say about it. You don't always receive matches right away, I was told.

Well, last night, I had five. This morning, I had four. One of my matches had "closed communication" with me. Not interested. He offered to reason. OK. Whatever.

I turned around and did the same thing to another match. One of his "Five Things I Can't Live Without" was "guns."

Uh, no thanks. Lest you think I'm shallow or too quick to deny someone their Second Amendment right, one of his other "Five Things I Can't Live Without" was "Taco Bell." Rounding out the list was "Money" and "My golf clubs" and one other thing I can't remember.

So we'll see if eHarmony strikes a real chord or not. I left it open to matches from around the world. I've never believed that the universe is benevolent enough to put the love of your life within five miles of your house, as so many people seem to expect on dating sites. In my mind, the quest for a soulmate knows no borders.

And even if I don't find the love of my life, I should have some good fodder for blogging! eHarmony eXploits, as it were.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I read an interesting article in the Tribune about the founder of e-Harmony ... who happens to be a devout Christian ... who is trying to open the site up to other religions .... do not know all the details, but found it interesting - the "need" for the article to point out HIS views and beliefs.

1:34 PM  

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