Monday, May 02, 2005

I Don't Love Paris in the Springtime ...

Or any other time of year, for that matter.

There's a New York Times -- New York Times! -- piece on Ms. Hilton today in which she utters several words beyond "It's hot" or "I'm hot" or "That's hot," among them, "You should give me these for free," about a $1,000 pair of pumps that she spied and liked. She told the sales people that if she wore the shoes, everyone would start talking about them and buying them, and so the store gave them to her.

One could argue that that's how the rich stay rich, by never having to pay for anything, but the whole story left me shaking my head in sadness.

Paris Hilton, the embodiment of vapidity and excess in this country, who's famous for being famous, who should have seen her 15 minutes of fame expire several years ago, continues to thrive because the collective IQ of this country is so frighteningly low that they continue to buy into her shit. Health clubs? Perfume? Hotels that are pink? A CD?! The woman can't sing!

I'm sorry, but could we possibly reward someone with, oh, say, talent?!

And by the way, her boyfriend's name is Paris. How much more narcissistic can she get?


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