Monday, April 04, 2005

What Does Go On In My Head?

Someone, please, get me a dream dictionary!

Last night, aside from dreaming that my friend Tracy and I were going to London and stopped at a kiosk in an airport where you could buy songs that could be downloaded to your iPod or to a CD and the tune I bought set me back $41, I also dreamt about sitting in my office and noticing kids in my backyard.

I have a pretty big backyard, but I have no kids. So in my dream, I went out onto my deck (and encountered a very large Boxer -- dog, not gloved fighter) as well as nine children and a woman I don't know. I was thinking that she must have thought that I wasn't home during the day, so it would be OK to bring kids over to play, but they weren't just running around the yard. They had toys -- big toys, like a Lil' Tykes kitchen and washer and dryer (cuz nothing says "fun" like pretending to do chores!) -- lined up along my fence.

I asked the woman what she was thinking, bringing these kids over to play without getting my permission. And then -- our litigious society exists even in my subconscious -- I asked if she was willing to accept liability if anything happened to any of them while on my property.

Eventually, a guy showed up, the head of whatever organization the kids were part of, and he laid a massive guilt trip on me. Piled all the kids up in a minivan and had them all wave and look sad as the van pulled away.

What's *that* about?!


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