Saturday, April 02, 2005

Wait. What Just Happened?

So there I was today, in my second voice class of the day (my duet partner can't make it to class next week, so we doubled up today), and Gwen started, literally, playing our song just as we sat down, so we got up, went to the front of the class, which today was set up with all the chairs facing us, to reinforce the sensation of singing in front of an audience, and sang our song, and you know what was really weird? At some point, while we were singing -- knock something -- I realized that my experience shifted from being nervous to having ... fun. FUN. it was fun. It was fun? Yeah, I know. I don't believe it either. It actually felt fun.

My voice was strong. Her voice was strong. We sound really good together. And I was having fun.

I do believe I have cleared an enormously high hurdle.


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