Monday, April 18, 2005

A Very Key Thought ...

Yesterday, before the Davenport's show, I watched "Being Julia," starring Annette Bening.

In the film, Julia is the shining star of London theater in the late 1930s. She goes to see a play to watch the performance of an ingenue who wants to be part of the next play staged by Julia's husband (Jeremy Irons; I *love* Jeremy Irons). On the stage that night with the ingenue is another actress, less polished, more nervous. She forgets a line and is visibly shaken.

Later, backstage, Julia comes to their dressing room. The ingenue is fawning, but Julia steps over to the other actress to reassure her and says, "Nerves are the respect we pay our audience."

I love that line. And I couldn't have heard it at a better time.


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