Saturday, April 16, 2005

Tech Two ...

Left my house at 9 this morning, got home a few minutes past 11 tonight. Long day. Good day.

Went to both voice classes today. In the first class, Briggetta and I did our song and Gwen told us we sounded scared.

"We are scared," Briggetta said.

"It's fine to *be* scared," said Gwen. "Just don't *sound* scared."

Right. Good advice. So for the second class, I tried to sound less scared.

It worked.

And then at the tech rehearsal, we sounded even *less* scared.

In addition to the enormous amount of work Gwen puts forth for these shows, she also performs at Davenport's on Friday and Saturday nights, so a group of us hung around after rehearsal to listen to Gwen.

Well, Gwen played a lot of the songs from class that are in the show (and many, many more that we just know), so we sang along with her for most of her set.

It was very, very fun.

And it reinforced my realization that I *never* should have given up piano and organ lessons when I was a kid. I wish I could play like Gwen plays. She's amazing. Check her out at


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