Tuesday, April 05, 2005

One Of My Favorite Things ...

... about iTunes are the Celebrity Playlists. I love them because some of the celebrities are kinda wacky, and I love them because the creator of the playlist writes about why he or she chose particular tunes.

It's completely fascinating to see someone's life distilled down to a handful of songs. (Some artists included their own work in their playlists. I'm not sure if I find that completely egotistical or admirable. Hmm. Yeah. I'm gonna go with completely egotistical. Especially when you're RuPaul. Alice Cooper almost gets a pass for including "Be My Frankenstein" – almost. Hey! Alice! Get over yourself!)

Playlists aren't just the purview of the rich and famous, however. Anyone can make a playlist and post it. So as an exercise for the evening, I went through my iTunes library and pulled songs into a playlist of my own.

I have 2,122 songs in iTunes. My first pass at a playlist ended up with 60 tracks. Too many. But to make the cutting easier, I decided to make a second playlist, devoted solely to instrumentals.

Still, I had to whittle. I made it down to 18. I can't cut anymore. It's really, really hard. How do I pick *one* Springsteen tune?, I wondered. But I did. Sting gets two entries, but I figure, his work with The Police and his solo work are very different.

A worthwhile exercise. An 18-song snapshot of my musical life.


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