Tuesday, April 12, 2005

180 Degrees From Bruce ...

Three years ago, I saw a trailer for "UnFaithful." In it was a piece of music that made me sit up and say, "What's *that*?!" I listen to a lot of music. My CD collection hovers in the 800 range. But rarely am I so taken with a particular tune.

So I tracked down the artist -- ah, the power of the Internet! -- and wrote down the name: E.S. Posthumus. Actually, E.S. Posthumus comprises two composers, so it's a duo, not an artist, per se. The song, "Nara," is from an album, "Unearthed," but I couldn't seem to find the album anywhere.

And so I stuck the Post-It note on the wall of my office and there it stuck, until recently when I decided to search again. And you know what I found out? The album is being released May 3! How exciting! I'll own it at last! Off I went to bn.com and pre-ordered a copy.

Then, last night, something made me poke around online and do a little more research. And I found the Web site for the small label that's distributing "Unearthed," and I could buy it. Right then. I didn't bother to look and see if I could have bought it all along, for the past three years.

But wait. I read further and learned that the album is available on iTunes. Nuh uh. I've looked. I looked again. And there it was. Which meant I could have the album immediately, with a few clicks of my mouse. And then I saw it. "Nara (Theme from Cold Case)" -- my tune, my special I've-Been-Searching-For-It-For-Three-Years tune -- has gone commercial. I don't watch "Cold Case" so I've never noticed my song stumping for the show. Shouldn't there be an original theme for "Cold Case," like most shows have?

Still, I bought the album. It's heavy-duty. Music to sacrifice virgins by in some places -- intense chorals and driving drum beats -- then a melancholy Scottish pipes piece, almost straight out of "Braveheart." But in the world of iTunes genres, this albume falls under Electronic, which is fair.

E.S. Posthumus, Unearthed. Find it on iTunes, or find it in stores May 3.


Anonymous Doreen said...

I watch Cold Case regularly ... in the midst of making Sunday night preparations for Monday and the week ahead. I will have to listen more closely to the theme music. The interesting thing about the show ... duh ... it is all based on cases from the past - some have been as old as 50 years. They use the music from the past and 2 sets of actors to portray the characters - then and now. This past week they advertised heavily that it would be all John Mellencamp - which turned me off somewhat. The music always fits - and this time it did too. So - I will let them off the "hook" so to speak. BUT - the show CAN stand on it's own and does not need to be hyped by the music!!!

10:40 AM  

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