Monday, March 14, 2005

Walking Toward A Cure, Part II ...

Well, that's done. My registration is complete for The Breast Cancer 3-Day this coming September. Many of you will have received an e-mail asking for pledges. If you didn't, you can visit here, look for Donate in the left-hand frame, click on Sponsor a Participant, enter my name (Beth Kujawski) and you'll be directed to my 3-Day Web page where you can lend your support. (Or you can just click the link for My 3-Day Web Site under Links on this page, now that I've figured out how to include the link!)
Or, even better, if you'd like to join me (literally, you know, on the road!), post a comment and I'll answer any questions you have about the whole shindig.
Yes, it's grueling. But I promise it will be the most fulfilling grueling thing you ever do. And later on the third day, when you collapse into a bed, you'll sleep better than you've ever slept in your life.


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