Sunday, March 27, 2005

Is There A Better Show On Television?

I never remember to grab a Kleenex first. So every Sunday, when "Extreme Makeover Home Edition" pops up on my TV, I start wiping away tears with my hand, and then drying my hand on my pants.

"EMHE" is everything that's right with television. No backstabbing, no disgusting stunts all in the name of money. Just people helping people, making the world a better place, one home, one family at a time.

Tonight's show (my mom's first, and she was crying right along with me) told the story of the Leomiti family and the Higgins family. The Higgins children lost their mother to breast cancer and, two months later, lost their father to heart failure -- a broken heart, literally, in the wake of his wife's death. Four children were left behind. The Leomiti family welcomed all of them into their very modest three-bedroom home.

Eleven people under one roof, coping with grief, adjusting to a newly blended life, three of the boys sleeping in the garage so lacking was the space.

So along come Ty and his design team, and seven days later, despite the worst rains in 100 years in California, this family is given a new home -- mortgage-free -- that not only has room for all of them, but is also a model of environmentalism. The old house was demolished and sent off to be recycled. The new house receives 70 percent of its power from solar energy. It's insulated with recycled newspaper. The appliances are hyper-efficient.

And, as if the new, free house wasn't enough, new hybrid cars for everybody who's old enough to drive!

Governor Arnold was there, and said to the father, "When you give kindness, you get kindness in return."

No kidding.

Hats off to ABC for doing its part to showcase goodwill.

The fortunes of the world aren't found on "Survivor." Often, they live right next door.


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