Monday, March 28, 2005

Finding Courage ...

The singing lessons are going pretty well. On Saturday, I met my duet partner. We'd been chatting online during the past week. We have a couple things in common: 1) We live very near each other; 2) We both suffer stagefright, which makes this singing thing slightly daunting.

Briggetta, that's my partner, is new to the Vocal Tech classes and to Gwen, our teacher. Briggetta ended up in Gwen's class because the time was convenient. I first ended up in Gwen's class because my friend Eric recommended her. In one of my e-mails to Briggetta, I wrote, "Gwen pushes you to the level of your talent, which is very cool."

So we met, Briggetta and me. And standing up in front of the class, I realized fully two things that I had only thought about before: 1) It's much less scary to stand up in front of an audience if there's someone standing next to you; and 2) Being part of a duet makes me want to perform better, because I don't want to let her down.

We prop each other up, dispell each other's fear, I think. And maybe, in the process, muster up some mutual courage.

We have several rehearsals scheduled. And I'm still nervous about the show (our classes perform at a cabaret to get experience singing for a "real" audience), but I'm also looking forward to it, too. I give myself little, silent motivational speeches. I can do this.


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